Creation is a way of life, a vital need for me and for all artists, regardless of their field. If I don’t create, I die, I lose my energy, I no longer radiate, neither for myself nor for others. Creation nourishes me when I draw, I’m directly connected to my soul, the flow runs in me and time stops. I am then face to face with myself, the authentic self, the one that few people know, but you can find it in each of my drawings if you really look at them.

Artists, those who live to create, who must create to stay alive, create with their soul and with their guts. They capture many things at the bottom of themselves as well as outside, inspiration. Then they transmit it, interprets it in their own way through their prism. For the same source of inspiration the rendering will be completely different for each artist. The same landscape, for example, will inspire an abstract painting, a detailed watercolor, a melancholic text, a love song, the beginning of a fantastic scenario …
This process is difficult to explain, it is a very strong feeling and I think very personal. I know exactly what it is and how it feels to me, but I do not know if it’s the same for all artists.

Inspiration is something that fascinates me. I always find some, no matter the area of my life, I always find inspiration. It is the thing which pushes me always to go further, to learn more and more to discover and to grow. I tame it every day a little more and I develop it. Finally, we grow together,  with each other, for each other.
The inspiration and creativity that flow from it are everywhere around us, just open your heart and welcome them with open arms.

As I finish writing this article, I take up the book “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert and on the first page it is written:

Q: What is creativity?
A: The relationship between a human being and the mystery of inspiration.

And you ? Tell me in comment Wwhat inspires you in life, in your creations ?

For those who lack inspiration, you can join my Artists Workshop of 4 weeks. I bring some magic into your lives, I offer you a cocoon of creativity, I make you travel with the tip of your pencils.

I free your artist soul !

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