It took me many years to realize and to accept it, even if deep inside I knew .

I’m an artist. I thought it was too presumptuous, too vast or too precise. This word means everything and nothing at the same time. But ultimately, it is merely what is best for me, in all its imprecision. I like to discover, imagine, create, beautify, dream, dance, learn, play music, share and I love above all draw!

My curiosity, my thirst for learning and my unconditional love of all chlorophyllian creatures led me to do scientific studies. Through this journey, sown with hindrances for my very unscientific mind, I was able to deepen my vision of things. I learned to see Nature from another angle, to understand it in another way. I eventually, with the help of the plants once again, discovered the beauty of the human being in all its differences.

Now, I know that drawing is a vector, it is my mean of expression. Drawing is the best way I have to show what can happen in my head. I always feel very limited by my techniques while my visions are limitless! My creativity does not always have an answer for everything, but it doesn’t matter. With work you can always push your limits a little further.

Until today, I have always followed my dreams, no matter how crazy!

Dreams, these little beings with great ideas. They may seem distant, futile, inaccessible, but dreams, I am sure, you know.

Sometimes a spark is enough for everything to ignite. Each of my drawings is a spark. Each spark then has its own life, it becomes light, or it disappears, to leave place for another more luminous! When I draw, I express myself and my favorite subject is: Look how beautiful it is! Feel it! Vibrate! Escape to a corner of your mind or to the other side of the world! Listen to your dreams!

Every artist has his vision of the world and the more sparks there are, the bigger the fire is ! My most beautiful sparks are my coloring drawings. I hope to bring in each of you this flame of creation, wonder and curiosity. Together we can make great bonfires and show the whole world the beauty that surrounds us. Art is a powerful weapon that allows to pass many things by directly touching the sensitivity of each one.

One of my dream is to believe that we are more likely to protect what marvels. Then I will continue to draw the beauty that surrounds us until everyone sees it!


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  1. I hope that you won’t stop writing such interesting articles. I’m waiting for more of your content. I’m going to follow you!

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