On the other side of the world, the Fiji Islands stretch across Pacific Ocean . . .

Let lose yourself in the Whispers of Lines, I will lead you away !

Lift the lid and escape ! Life is wonderful. I caught a glance, a breeze, a whispers, a story, a twinkle, a shimmer. On my way I want to show you the Fiji Islands.

You will find in your box everything that makes my heart beat. Every day, I draw and write to share these moments with you.

60 €

coffret Zampela

You will find in your Artist’s Box :

❦ 15 drawings on A4, 250g/m² paper, ideal for coloring or enjoy in black

❦ 1 drawing on canvas to color or enjoy in black and white

❦ 16 texts, inspirations and daydreams that interweave for each drawing

This box is a Piece of Art in itself, a sober and elegant case that enhances my drawings and their stories while protecting them. Every time you open it, it sows some magic around you !

No binding, the master-word is Freedom ! The freedom to keep all these treasures in their beautiful original box. The freedom to expose them as they are in their simple black-and-white appearance. The freedom to create your own art-pieces by giving a full-color life to my drawings, and the freedom to offer them to someone close, sowing in your turn some magic in the life of the person who will receive your masterpiece !

Offer yourself this Artist’s Box if :

  • You feel something sparkling in you, something trying to reveal itself and shine. My drawings are there to take away the pressure of the blank page and to help you to free you artist soul. Your artwork will be a beautiful collaboration between your soul and mine, and who knows maybe the spark that you needed to dare to create !
  • You love art, precious cases that can turn out to be sparkling, you love being surrounded by beautiful things that make you dream, travel, imagine, and who even speak to you and brings you right back in the present moment !
  • You love the exception, the guaranteed value of exceptional people !
  • You find the world a little morose and you do not see the magic that surrounds us all, every day, these peeps of life are lacking in your daily life, or you already see all this and you want more !
  • You know how to treat yourself with an experience of quality and you do not care about quantity. As seasoned colorist you may already have a lot of coloring books, but too many drawings remain lost, forever imprisoned in their bindings, lost in the mass of pages that are too often of poor quality.