Original Artworks

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An original artwork , a unique piece , but also the reflection of an Artist’s soul !

If one of those art resonate with you or makes you think to someone, please let me know here !

Each drawing, each paint, each artwork takes birth in an indefinable place, cloudy, nebulous, abstract specific to everyone. An idea, a desire, a need, a message, a feeling …

Everything, absolutely everything can be the start of a creation. Then come the creation, the inspiration and mainly the creation work. Hours and hours of work are necessary for each step of the process. Everyone work his technique,  refining his process, experiment in order to create a unique piece.

So an original artwork is not simply pencils lines or brushstrokes on a sheet or canvas. It’s a true breath of life of the artist, a part of his soul that crept into the creation, a real part of him.

To offer, or to offer to yourself an original work is not an innocuous thing …

I’m a sower, I add Magic in each of my art. I know that then they take over and spread sparks of life wherever they are and in each person who takes the time to “see”, to really see them, to feel !

If one of those art resonate with you or makes you think to someone, please let me know here !

Custom Artworks

I create for you !

Are you a professional ? You want to communicate on your brand, your activity, your products. My creations can enrich your universe and reinforce your brand image.

If you like my style and want to bring a new style to your place, bedrooms, living rooms, reception rooms or elsewhere, original artworks or art-prints can be very impactful.

If you are interior architect, designer, my art can inspire you to create an atmosphere and offer new things to your clients.

Whether it is for a mission or a collaboration, I would be pleased to discuss and review your project in order to share my creativity with you.

Are you an individual ? If you have a project, a desire, an event, if you like one of my drawings and you want to personalize it, or dream of a unique wall frame, an original art, a tatoo, a wedding or birth announcement, let’s make it work !

The process is as easy as possible :

Contact me

Discuss it


Realization and Shipping

They trusted me :

Professional missions :

Yucca Édition, logo creation

Universidad Austral de Chile, Educative Game Board Design

InkyBox, 4 drawings to color the 2017 Halloween Box

Lulu Création, logo creation

Professional Collaborations :

The Barefoot Collection, marketing content, logo, photographies, illustrations, T-shirt and pareo designs, until January 2018

Ça m’est Égal, Collaboration actuelle

Individual requests :

S&S – Wedding Announcement

A – Original Artwork

S – Original Artwork

M&F – Birth Announcement

V – Birthday present

P&C – Pregnancy Present

D –  Original Artwork