Vegetal Oneirism

My work is mainly inspired by my vegetal encounters. As far as I remember, plants always had my attention in both awake or dreamy states.

Each drawings is a meticulous weaving of details, movements, lines, life, femininities, travels and encounters. These pieces of art reveals themselves gradually while we are going through their natural complexity.

I love to reveal the meticulous details in black and white, the minimalism of the complexity. Starting from a blank page and black ink in order to reveal what I see, what I perceive, what I feel from the world around me.

A touch of gold, with its brightness, often comes to enhance the oneirism and the magic of my drawings. I like to play with the light of the metallic paint that gives a spark and more life to my creations. It allows them to change all day long with the luminosity, always the same but always evolving as simply as a forest, the sky, the sea, the moon…

My human representations settle their faceless femininity in the heart of some of my pieces. I don’t personify them and I don’t give them human traits, maybe they would be too human…  sulky, smiling, malicious… I like that each person’s states allows them to see, perceive and feel whatever they need. Sometime when you know too much, things lose their magic.

Whispers of Lines