Artist & Ethnobotanist

Passion, dreams, work, curiosity, a touch of folly : Welcome to my world.

I always followed my passion for plants and for exploring the world ; From the beautiful french forests to tropical forests full of magic. Then I went to Madagascar, drawn by its legendary baobabs to finally fall in love with the mysterious charm of the country and its people.
I did a diploma from the Practical School of High Studies in France for my three-year study in Madagascar, documenting the Mikea tribe and their knowledge of the forests.
I like to travel the world, to always discover new countries and meet different cultures. After living in Madagascar then on a small paradise island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, I came to discover Mauritius !
Drawing is part of my life and photography follows all my travels. Every artist, every photographer has his own vision of the world. I like to blend my gaze with that of others, mix cultures, share techniques, ideas, create …
And to make this world a work of art

It was from this drive that Zampela was born, Whispers of Lines.