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Lights and Shadows

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Shadows and Lights is a serie of drawing in black and white. The shadow and the light, in drawing as in photography are at the foundation of everything. Life is made of shadows and lights.

I draw my greatest inspiration from the heart of the plants kingdom that has guided me for so long. My drawings are a mix of Nature, my travels and my discoveries. Minerals, closely related to plants naturally find their place in my creations. Sometimes it’s the underwater universe that takes hold of me.

Everything is always a question of energy, vibration, magic, life. Each drawing has something to transmit to you, a spark of life, of magic.

This series is simply done in black liner.

You do not know which one to choose ? Take your time, which one has the most to pass on to you? What are the sensations that each one gives you?

It’s important to surround yourself with artworks that bring you something every time you look at them. You can create your inner world by taking care of your outside world.

From 16 € :

Have some Magic at home!

These illustrations are artistic reproductions of original hand-drawn works. The care of printing is left to one of the best printers in France to ensure you a work of best possible quality, faithful to the original work.

Etsy Shop :

Have a look on my Etsy shop, each illustration is available in 2 formats to fit all your expectations.

– A4 is 21 x 29.7 cm

– A5 is 14.8 x 21 cm