Origins sounds so obvious, like an abundance of life, the Plant world, the Origin of life on earth, Women, Origin of Humanity.

The Flower of Life sows its strong vibrations full of Magic, the Magic of Life, the Origin !


The Harmonies, Harmony of Life, Movements, Beings, Life Kingdom’s Symphony …


The Nebulae, Stardusts that give life, Celestial Objects, Sweet Dreams surrounded by Magic, Mysterious Oceans …

In this serie, inks and watercolors create by themself, they play with each other mixing with gold or sterling dust, merge and diffuse with water, we create together, we flow with the Creative Magic.

Small ones

My Small Ones have everything from the biggests, same Details, same Magic !

They are easy to offer for all opportunities. Be careful they are very addictive and you’ll want to collect them. They find their place everywhere, alone, in pairs, or more !!

Wild Soul

Wild Soul is a graphite serie mixing naturalist and dreamlike drawing.

Whether they are large or small, emblematic or inconspicuous, every species is importante !

When you see them, you know it, you feel it !
I caught a glance, a breeze, a whispers, a story, a twinkle, a shimmer. In my own way, I want to show you how life is wonderful.

Lights & Shadows

Lights and Shadows is a serie of drawings in black and white. The shadows and the lights, in drawing as in photography are at the foundation of everything. Life is made of shadows and lights.

I draw my greatest inspiration from the heart of the plant kingdom that has guided me for so long. My drawings are a mix of Nature, my travels and discoveries. Minerals, closely related to plants naturally find their place in my creations. Sometimes it’s the underwater universe that takes hold of me.

Everything is always a question of energy, vibration, magic, life. Each drawing has something to pass on to you; a spark of life, of magic.

The Sowers

Sowers are magicians, dreamers, messengers, fairies, witches, shamans. Each sows magic in its way. Inspired by my travels, my encounters and my own sensitivity, I sow through them sparks of magic that I perceive. Everything is magic around us, we just need to know how to look, listen, feel.

This serie is made with various techniques, mainly watercolor and colored pencils.

Flow of Life

For this serie I’m inspired by a feeling, a sensation, an impression, the Flow of Life !

Thoses abstract illustrations give free rein to your imagination, a tree, a river, a clam skin, a bird feathering …

These drawings are made with watercolor and white gely pen.

Free your Artist Soul

Do you want to bring some Magic in your life ? Do you want to escape into your Cocoon of Creativity ? Do you want to Travel through your pencils ? Would you like to free your Artist Soul ?

My favorite magic wand ? My coloring drawings !

Lace Photography

When the illustrations interlace macrophotographies, when the delicacy of the lines meet the sharpeness of the pictures, when natural colors give life to simple sketchings…

Photos seems to wrap themselves with lace.



I did this serie of drawing to illustrate the documentary movie Eqalusuaq, on the trail of the hidden predators.

July in Alaska. Salmons are back, came back by millions, expected of all : grizzlys, killer whales, sharks … or young free diver photographers ! Feeling environment, fully enjoy those encounter and feeling back these sensations which guide their choice of life …

Naturalist Work

My first drawings where naturalist drawings. I always spend time observing Nature. Curves, shapes, textures, colors, perfections end imperfections, each detail caught my eyes then I spent hours reproducing them.

I love working with graphite mine, it allows me to integrate value contrasts and of course, their is colors with watercolor or color pencils.