Private Workshops are for you if : You want to spend a Special Moment with your friends or family, you are looking for a Creative Activity, you want to celebrate a Bachelorette Party or a Birthday Party in an original way or just having Good Time at home !

Whatever the event, Customs Private Coloring Workshops allow you to share an original and creative activity with your loved ones.

Contact me, I would be happy to discuss with you in order to offer you a Customized Workshop that best suits with what you want !


Send-me your e-mail request with :

❧ The date and hours you are interested in

❧ Number of planned participants

❧ The place


I send you my proposition with :

❧ The length if the Workshop

❧ The Content

❧ A Quotation


We discuss it by e-mail or even by sharing a cup of coffee to refined the perfect Custom Workshop for you.



When you approve the proposition, I send you a last e-mail with a summary of your Workshop.

A deposit of 20% will required to validate your Workshop.


Then Finally …

We meet as agreed for your Custom Workshop !