Hello Artists !!

Do you want to bring some Magic in your life ? Do you want to escape into your Cocoon  of Creativity ? Do you want to Travel through your pencils ? Would you like to free your Artist Soul ?

My favorite magic wand ? My coloring drawings !

My Goal : Free your Artist Soul !!

Whether you are beginner or advanced, if you are here you have an artist soul. Whatever is your art, do you know that creativity develops, works, lives? Do you know that when minds meet, they put their energies together to move towards the same goal?

Nothing stops the Whispers of Lines, these invisible bonds that connect us all and travel across borders, cultures and minds.

The lonely artist who works alone in his own with a bit of melancholy, is only a small vision of things. I love solitude and I need it, but the power of sharing and exchanges always boost my creativity a little more. I have a lot to share with you and I’m sure you also have a lot to bring me.

Do you know the Flow experience?

This exalting and stimulating state where everything is possible, this subtle space where you are between the control of your art and the letting go, this moment where your creativity is sparkling and you rise to your potential ! Sometime you can feel the pressure, the challenge, but it flows easily because you have the skills or you know how to develop it.

Do you want to join us? Do you want to join the Artists workshop Zampela, come and share with us your colors, your art, your happiness, your vision of the world, and allow our minds to meet to create together ?

In practical over the Workshops I teach you

How to go from the Sketch to the Artpiece !! I show you step by step, I give you methods and tips, I share my experience, I help you to find inspiration !

Would you like to join us ? would you like to join Artists Zampela’s Workshop and allow our minds to meet and create together ?

So here is what I offer you

Organized Workshops, a whole formula for you to leave with your own artpiece, new techniques, creative tips, and above all you had to spend a Magical Moment !

Share your Colors with us, your Art,  your Joy of Life !